In his 2009 book on a terrible injustice done in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Dave Eggers portrays his title character as a loving father and husband. The most recent chapter in Zeitoun’s life has shocked readers familiar only with Eggers’s depiction:

On November 8th, a state grand jury in Orleans Parish indicted Zeitoun for allegedly trying to kill Ms. Zeitoun and then ordering a hit on her from behind bars. The indictment replaces several other charges against Zeitoun, in an effort to speed the way to a trial, averting a preliminary hearing. Zeitoun remains in jail, with bail set at more than one million dollars.

“If he’s released from jail,” Assistant District Attorney Lauren Faveret asked Ms. Zeitoun in court, “would you be fearful for your life?”

“I’d be dead,” Ms. Zeitoun replied.

Click here to read the whole story.

wow, wow, wow. this article is especially fascinating since I read Executioner’s Song last summer. wow.


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